Lodge Rentals

Our waterfront lodge is available for public rentals from mid-April to mid-December (weather permitting).

Common uses include:

:: Weddings
:: Wedding Receptions
:: Birthday Parties
:: Graduation Parties
:: Social Gatherings

:: Fairs
:: Family Reunions
:: High School Reunions
:: Training Sessions
:: Business Meetings

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Our History

Over one-hundred years ago, in Maynard, Massachusetts, a group of young Finnish immigrants organized a society, with the assistance of the Grand Lodge Officers, called the Knights and Ladies of Kaleva.

The aim and purpose of this organization is to help preserve the high ideals and what is best in Finnish culture -- the language, songs, folklore, dances and the heritage of their forefathers, in their own lives and in those of their descendants, thus enabling them to be better citizens and promote worthy contributions in their communities.

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